‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: 7 Dramatic Moments from the Premiere

Aug 5, , Somehow, in the first installment, there were tears, backstabbing and, of course, steamy makeout sessions. Meet the Cast of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Here were seven of the most talked-about moments from the first episode: AshLee Frazier made it clear that the only reason she signed up for the show was because she was convinced she and Graham Bunn were meant to be. So, when Clare Crawley, unaware of these strong feelings, asked Graham on a date, AshLee stormed off in tears. In the end, Clare agreed to take someone else to the Mayan ruins to avoid causing a rift in the house. Clare Makes Friends with a Raccoon: Going on a dating competition show is undoubtedly tricky, especially in the beginning when nobody knows who to trust. However, this might be the first time a cast member has gone outside the species for comfort.

EXCLUSIVE: Jesse Csincsak Speaks to CableTV About “Bachelor in Paradise”

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Bachelor in Paradise stars AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn’s relationship was rocky from the start, so viewers should expect nothing less than an explosive breakup on the show’s September 8 Season Finale. One of six couples who make it to the final episode, many fans are surprised Graham stayed.

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AshLee Frazier spreads mean gossip about Clare Crawley, sparking a Bachelor girls’ confrontation! would definitely not expect,” Graham Bunn tells Us. expose the type of woman he was dating.

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The Contestants

Feb 01, Location: Unlike “Bachelor Pad”, known for its drunken debacles, hook-ups, competitions and prize money, this installment is simply about finding love. Check out the cast as it stands now: Three more men from Andi’s current season will be announced later Clare Crawley Season:

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Just when you thought the crazy people had left….. Tonight Elise is still mourning the loss of the love of her life Dylan Petitt who she scared away by kissing Chris Bukowski. BPDs can turn it on and off at record speeds. In fact, she like Ashlee has already called dibs and is not there to meet anyone else. But she does not realize that Michelle Money has already called dibs on Marquel even though he subtly accused her of being an alcoholic.

AshLee Frazier is not shy about her dream of dating Graham Bunn on “Bachelor In Paradise.” Read on to find out if they break up, stay together or what.

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Karma will reward you, Michelle, and that reward will have a lot of sculpted orange muscles. The Passion of the Michelle: A rose to Clare for basically being the Prom Queen of Paradise. THEN Zack earns himself a rose for having the gall to say this when Clare asks what he would do if he was in her position: True love is coming, Cody! Fortunately, Clare lets it go and they make out in some sort of…cave structure?

Graham Bunn was horrified to learn that his “Bachelor In Paradise” girlfriend, AshLee Frazier, had said so many mean things about their co-star Clare Crawley.

Tonight on Bachelor in Paradise we picked up where the rose ceremony of last week left off. Remember that this 6 week series was actually filmed in three weeks so every single day is represented. If you count bonfires or breakfasts, it comes out to three weeks. Little did she know. Inside the mansion waited Danielle, a stunning woman from Juan Pablo’s season and before she can ask who is paired off with who, she chose Marquel for her date, set to leave early the next morning.

But what about Michelle, who just gave him the rose so he could stay another week? The next morning Marquel and Danielle left on a small plane to cross the Yucatan Peninsula for Campeche, a touristy town, where they walked around, swam in a pool, flirted and almost got hit by lightning. Did anyone else think that Marquel’s reaction to the lightning didn’t allow for good ole fashioned gentlemanly concern for his date? He started running for safety and didn’t look back.

Dude, it wasn’t just you who almost got hit. Back at the beach, Elise got a date card which made AshLee pissed that it wasn’t for her and Graham. No good sportsmanship lost on that girl. Elise asked her new boyfriend of 12 hours, Chris B. The amount of hair blowers and curling irons in the bathroom made me wonder if all seven girls used the same mirror.

AshLee Frazier

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Jun 10,  · Bunn’s luck in love comes after he was publicly rejected by Pappas, dated Bachelor Pad 2 partner Michelle Money in , and got cozy with AshLee Frazier on Bachelor in Paradise in

We pick up where the last episode left off Graham has just walked off the set, wiping his brow and leaving AshLee with a rose in her hand. Michelle followed because she’s the person who cares most about Graham and quite frankly, Michelle Money is almost part of the production crew with the amount of time she spends on camera. She’s as comfortable as Chris Harrison with this process–more on that later. I have a diabolical plan. Graham calms down and goes back out to accept Ashlee’s rose, shocking several in the crowd but not moi.

Who else is going to give him a rose? Then Lacy runs off to the women’s room to vomit and they take her off in an ambulance with Marcus by her side.

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