Bronze Age axe heads found in Coity declared treasure

Aryan Myth and Metahistory The purpose of this blog is to discuss and explore the mythical and metahistorical origins and development of the Aryan[Indo-European,Indo-Germanic] race and their metaphysical beliefs. This blog is not affiliated with any other individual or organisation. What I would like to do in this article is focus on why this symbol is so inextricably linked to the Germanic and other Aryan peoples. I believe that the answer may be found in accepting that the origins of the Axe are to be found in both the material realm-the axe as a weapon and as a tool and in the spiritual-the axe as a divine symbol. As esoteric heathens we accept that what is above in Asgard is reflected here below in Midgard. The esoteric war is being fought in spiritual realms and this has been and will be reflected again in exoteric warfare here in Midgard as we approach Ragnarok. The war that appeared to have been lost in is continuing spiritually and we fight knowing that ultimately the victory will be ours despite our own personal and petty concerns. The axe has its material physical genesis amongst the Aryan peoples. Rudolf Simek in his Dictionary of Northern Mythology states:

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In , James Adair in his 18th Century English wrote a description of the game: They have near their state-house a square piece of ground well cleaned, and fine sand is carefully strewed over it, when requisite, to promote a swifter motion to what they throw along the surface. Only one or two on a side play at this ancient game. They have a stone about two fingers broad at the edge, and two spans round; each party has a pole of about eight feet long, smooth and tapering at each end, the points flat.

In this manner, the players will keep running most part of the day, at half speed, under the violent heat of the sun, staking their silver ornaments, their nose, finger, and ear rings; their breast, arm and wrist-plates; and even all their wearing apparel, except that which barely covers their middle. All the American Indians are much addicted to this game, which it seems to be of early origin, when their forefathers used diversions as simple as their manners.

Rarely, grooves were placed only on the two flattened faces of an axe; in the Midwest such tools are known as Keokuk axes. Celts are similar to axes but lack the groove and were hafted with the bit perpendicular to the axis of the handle, rather than paralleling it, as with an axe.

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Nez Perce tomahawk The Algonquians in early America created the tomahawk. Before Europeans came to the continent, Native Americans would use stones attached to wooden handles, secured with strips of rawhide. Though typically used as weapons, they could also be used for everyday tasks, such as chopping, cutting or hunting. When Europeans arrived, they introduced the metal blade to the natives, which improved the effectiveness of the tool.

Metal did not break as readily as stone and could be fashioned for additional uses.

The axe heads contain two pounds of pure metal and are 12 inches (30 centimeters) wide. The farmer who owns the field, Esben Arildskov, asked his brother-in-law to use a metal detector in the field before he started planting, as he didn’t wanted to destroy anything with any historical value.

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Mr Morrow managed to grab the axe, get to his feet and escape.

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Three hand saws inc. Three Disston hand saws inc. Two Keen Kutter saws:

Stone axe head, 3/4 grooved, graphite and green color, Pre-European contact, grooved axes are thought to be early, Native American, collection history to Illinois $ #

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This is a guest post from Josh Tucker. This article will teach you how to customize any axe into a tool fit for the Illinois Railsplitter himself. I encourage you to try to find an heirloom axe to restore. With the success of Gransfors Bruks, boutique axes have mushroomed in popularity over the last decade or so. If you are lucky enough to compare a Gransfors, a Wetterlings, a Council Tool, or any of the other available high quality axes to the generic trunk-slapper available at your nearby hardware store, you will be amazed at the cutting ability of even a small camping axe.

Sep 14,  · Found this axe head among other old tools my father has gathered (no longer using). He most likely got it from my great uncle (a true craftsman). I believe it is hand forged due to the rough shape. No brand marking and only light surface rust. My question is whether or not it is usable or just a keep sake at this point.

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Neighbours Mary Gilbert and Rodney Lee found the tool at Holland Haven Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A Stone Age axe head which could date back more than , years has been discovered on an Essex beach.

The pair spotted the prehistoric tool in shingle on the Essex beach He has come up with his own theory about how it got there. By some miracle they must have picked up a Stone Age axe and pumped it on to the beach. Britain has only been an island for about 6, years when sea levels rose. The axe head could have been made by a caveman Image:

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Did these weapons belong to the legendary giants that are said to have inhabited the area? But is there any historical backing to these tales? As a matter of fact, many believe the presence of giants in worldwide mythology was inspired by a race of flesh-and-bone humanoids of giant statures. The Bronze Age axes were discovered by farmer Esben Arildskov and his brother-in-law. Before planting a field with pine tree saplings, Arildskov used a metal detector to search for any buried artifacts.

To their amazement, the two men uncovered two giant bronze axe heads. The team of archaeologists called on site found three more. The axe heads measure 12 inches 30 centimeters in length and each one weighs two pounds. Dating revealed they were made sometime during the 16th century BC, making them one of the oldest weapons of their kind discovered in Denmark.

They are twice as heavy as axe heads usually are, suggesting that the men who wielded them must have been giant in stature. The purity of the metal used to craft the weapons suggest advanced metalworking techniques were employed 3, years ago. In all truthfulness, the giants of old were known as master craftsmen.

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Dating evidence is sparse, but a Middle to Late Neolithic date is suggested by the radiocarbon dates (Edmonds et al. ) and by the fact that it had been used to make cushion maceheads. There is a possibility to investigate the use of axe- and adze- heads through the study of patterns of damage, curation and re-use that could suggest how.

Dating Iron Axe Heads His picture of a crossbowmaker not such a common trade today!. Fitting the next rib. However this was probably only a technological rather than a commercial success. I sized the cut rose with thin glue to reinforce two or three cracked pieces. They were also the people who brought iron working to Britain. Here is the aforementioned bench notch with its accompanying wedge made in some willow I had spare and the peg box “blank”.

Having decided on the angle of the pegbox, I drill the hole for the nail which will fix the pegbox to the neck. Most people should be able get all the iron they need from their daily diet. I should perhaps have smoothed end of the body down first. These were the Celts, whose cultural influence cannot be overstated. Target points are bulletshaped with a sharp point, designed to penetrate target butts easily without causing excessive damage to them. There are some written sources, and some iconography, though not too much from before the time of the 18th century French encyclopaedists.

Now it was time to start work on the barring. Copper knives, golden jewellery featuring pottery cups having a characteristic.

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