CCTV released after more than £6,000 worth of binoculars were stolen from a wildlife exhibition

The best binoculars By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more Hold your horses, Olly: Tech fails that ruined people’s lives A good set of binoculars will be an ally in the outdoors, helping you to see farther and in greater detail. The best waterproof cameras As with most outdoor gear, the best binoculars range massively in price. What you should spend depends on what you want to use your binoculars for. The main factor that determines the price is performance – determined in part by the magnification and objective lens size — as well as materials used and build quality. In a nutshell, the best binoculars should always produce a crystal clear image with pin sharp detail right to the edge of the lens. This enables you to see the bigger picture whenever you need to.

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Look no further than the foothold of the lodge, and you will already feel the spirit of Silvan’s trees wafting through the air. From the majestic walls of stone which make up the grand entrance way to the minimalist, modern architecture accentuated by flashes of colour and wondrous designs, the Silvan Experience is one of mindfulness and restoration. Decks throughout the lodge ensure that everyone has a place to relax and unwind. A grand, handwoven nest, swinging from a Jackalberry tree, lends artistic character to this lodge.

The living areas are clad with copper bars and oversized daybeds fit for lazing on the deck and at the pool. Each moment is intrinsically woven with spirituality and harmony.

BINOCULAR COLLECTION BINOCULAR COLLECTION “Field Glasses & prismatic binoculars suitable for astronomy” I’m not a fan of modern binoculars, although I have to confess to owning a small roof prism bino, 8×21, for hiking.

Settle in and get ready to sparkle. Swarovski , the Austrian crystal manufacturer has been around for a long time, since to be exact. But in the past couple of years they’ve experienced a big surge in popularity. As “bling” entered our vernacular, so did Swarovski studded cell phone cases and ipods. Smart moves like aligning themselves with Fashion Rocks helped to reinvigorate this fading brand as well. Sure, hair accessories and shoes are to be expected, but refrigerators and board games?

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Matty has plotted each of his destinations on this map. Blyth, South Beach Found in the south east of the county, the port of Blyth is not only home to the impressive South Pier, but the famous South Beach too. A row of colourful beach huts presents a popular subject that can be shot from the front or back, depending on lighting conditions.

Shoot in RAW to make the most of the vibrant colours and afford yourself more potential to edit images further.

The Future is Green: 3 Sustainability Trends Retailers Should Know About October 30, Sustainability in retail and as a general principle has gathered momentum in recent years, as a shift towards a more environmentally friendly, ethically conscious way of living has become more deeply embedded in public consciousness.

For thousands of years, dating back to Native American hunting along North America, duck decoys have been used as an essential tool to help lure in waterfowl from afar. Today, decoys range in diversity and amazing realism. When it comes to strategizing with decoys, you will find a lot of conflicting views. For instance does the size of a spread really matter? Depending on the hunter and location, you may hear a yes or a no.

When it comes down to it, you will have to experiment with different strategies to see what works best for you. This is definitely not a one size fits all scenario. While some hunters will argue over the best strategy, provided are a list of some of the most praised decoy tips and tricks to improve your hunt. Size of Decoy Spread — This is a very difficult strategy to be conclusive on. Some hunters claim that smaller spreads of a dozen or so decoys are more welcoming to surrounding ducks, while others claim bigger spreads are more appealing.

Generally, when it comes to spread size bigger has been proven to be better. Bigger spreads are easier to spot by overhead ducks and can lure in large flocks.

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Find more articles on hunting ungulates! Hunt where the elk are going to be Wayne Gretzky, the Great One, was once asked why he was such a successful hockey player. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to

Now is the time to join Champaign County 4-H! We would love to have you join 4-H club activities, attend 4-H Camp Clifton, participate in the Champaign County Fair and possibly the Ohio State Fair.

A bargain price in this company. Kahles Has the shortest length, widest field of view, astounding picture sharpness. There is very little tube protruding beyond the objective lens in order to achieve the very short length, my personal preference is for a little more overhang to protect the glass. Available in both light alloy and steel construction.

Superb turrets with remaining adjustment indicator. Weighty by comparison with others but feels ultra rugged. Swarovski A real featherweight, clever pop up to reset turrets, brilliant colour resolution.

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Documents Please make plans to attend this great sale; the second session of the Ronald Kuntz Estate Auction. The auction will be conducted at the Dallas County Fairgrounds Community Building; note the earlier start time of Scroll down for advertising copy!

Spotting scopes are an important tool for hunting. I like to use binoculars to glass and grid an area and then use the superior magnification of a spotting scope to examine what I’ve found.

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Its my understanding that to find the build date you take the first two digits of the serial and add Doing so gives me the number of Does that mean the build date is or ? Thanks much Brad Congrats.

Kent Yellowhammer Emberiza citrinella ©David Featherbe Website. Birding Kent. Kent’s landscape is well known traditionally by the epithet the Garden of mainland Europe, only 25 miles from France, the gleaming chalk White Cliffs of Dover are undoubtedly England’s most famous natural landmark. But, there is more to Kent’s landscape than either agriculture or its chalk backbone.

The place names were of the Roman period, including “Abazanes”, which became Absam. Abazanes was mentioned for the first time in , in a document kept in the records of the Diocese of Brixen; at that time the Bishop of Augsburg was the owner of most of the land in the region, which was administered by the Maierhof. The village, in , belonged to the parish of Thaur that covered the entire region.

In the name “Abzan” appeared in the register of the lands of Meinhard, Duke of Carinthia , and in the fourteenth century Absam was cited 14 times in the documents including a citation, on September 21, , concerning the appointment of church to parish, until then affiliated with Thaur. Absam is located in the area, along with Hall in Tirol and Thaur, of a salt mine , a source of income for the sovereign of the time. The documents reported the beginning of the mining in Between the sixteenth and seventeenth century the production of salt culminated, so that in were workers employed in the extraction which, benefiting from a good salary, contributed to the development of trade in the village.

At the same time there was a decisive step towards the industrialization of Absam, due to the energy produced by the stream Baubach, with the opening of sawmills, forges and mills and the development of coppersmith crafts, so that the firm of Oswald Kofler provided for the production of fifteen thousand sheets of copper for the roof of the church of Schwaz. In during the Tyrolean Rebellion 73 shooters of Absam joined the Tyrolean troops under the command of Josef Speckbacher.

In , Absam, opened his first factory, spinning and weaving company Faistenberger, followed by others including a foundry, chocolate, boot and paint factories and a metal carpentry, aiding industrial development while mining, because of new extraction techniques and lower world prices, was in decline. As result mining in Tyrol closed on September 5, The Swarovski company moved to Absam the Optik department in in the neighbourhood of Eichat where, during the last war, the Wehrmacht built a barracks.


Although Huet et Cie had a German coding, lww, no Huet binoculars are seen with the marking, all having the normal Huet trademark. A binocular identical to the above example except with Kriegsmarine markings and also a rain cover and pull out objective sunshades which would have originally been present on the above example is pictured in Seeger’s grey book on page The build quality of this binocular is extremely high.

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Last year, as befitting her Diamond Jubilee celebration, the Queen received several lavish pieces of jewellery and valuable trinkets. But many of the hundreds of gifts she received came unsolicited from members of the public, including a wickerwork throne and a model of the state coach made from an ostrich egg. Not your usual birthday presents: Elizabeth II was given a box of Olympic medals by President of IOC Jacques Rogge and a baby llama by a member of the public In all, according to Buckingham Palace, members of the public gave her books, CDs and DVDs, 81 pieces of embroidery or knitting, 78 self-portraits, 40 digital photograph books, 28 wall hangings, 19 tea towels and nine jigsaws.

A round up of a ton of swarovski crystal studded items that will surprise you. Links to purchase each and links to places that will bling or ice your stuff.

Optics Facts Introduction Today’s binoculars, spotting scopes, and telescopic sights are the best that have ever existed. Various factors account for this, but not the least of which is an intense competition among optical manufacturers vying for market share. Most significant, however, has been the development and implementation of newer and better optical coatings.

The broad categories include: All are important but foremost among these are the various anti-reflection coatings, which have improved over the decades to the point where they have nearly doubled the light transmission of sports optics. Light transmission denotes, as a percentage, the amount of usable light that passes through an optical instrument, relative to the amount that entered.

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Herewith, our collection of the best in Dallas for Robert Rutherford produces some of the most intriguing trims, tassels, and beads in the city. We also fell in love with the pillow in her arms, which has a story of its own. Drop by and ask Robert to tell you sometime. Amber is wearing a sarong of curtain fabric from David Sutherland that as many fashion designers as interior designers bought this year.

The London Journalist was honoured to send Laurenzo W. Mefsut, overseas to report on the Verbier Festival and attend a culturally important press conference held .

In a household of eight children, there were restrictions on how long we could keep the boiler on to heat water, how long our baths could be, how long we could drain rice in the sink without turning off the corresponding hob about five seconds and so on. Not surprisingly, these habits endured into adulthood. Last year, when winter set in on the tiny French village in which we were staying, I was horrified to learn that we would be leaving the heating on overnight.

I expected a triple-digit gas bill. However, sometimes something comes along that really tests my resolve. Here are five luxury travel gifts I want for myself. Globe-Trotter trolley case Details:

Swarovski 10x42mm EL Swarovision Binocular – 494