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The “Basketball Wives” star filed for a restraining order against James “Tim” Norman, accusing him of stalking her, according to an Instagram post. Advertisement Williams pleaded with Norman to “please leave me alone and stop fabricating lies. The publication did not elaborate on the reality star’s stalking allegations, but reported that she is fearful for her own safety as well as the safety of her dog, Gia. Norman, who was recently granted an order of protection against Williams, posted a photo of her filing on Instagram, slamming it as bogus. In his caption, he noted that his name does not appear on the document, which he went on to claim was filed “13 hrs AFTER the restraining order was placed on her and almost 33 hrs after incident. Jennifer Williams has responded to her ex filing a restraining order against her by filing her own, accusing him of stalking and harassment. Judge issued a restraining order immediately. Why isn’t there one on me??

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While Viall never found love on reality television or on Dancing With the Stars , despite getting engaged on his last go around, he’s now in a relationship Tue, 16 Jan The pair have been photographed enjoying a romantic vacation in the Bahamas, and the actress can be seen wearing a stunning diamond on her ring finger. The year-old actress and the year-old New York financial consultant were spotted lounging on the beach on Harbour Island on New Year’s Day in these just-released photos.

They were joined by her year-old daughter Matilda not pictured.

Nov 23,  · The reason reality tv will never go out of style is because the stars of these shows seem to keep finding ways to shock and surprise us with the decisions they make in both their personal and.

However, the reality starlet is now posting receipts to prove that he, in fact, was the deranged one in their breakup. See what recently went down at the finale of another popular reality series with BET Breaks, above. The drama first began when Norman claimed that Williams had harassed him on several occasions, one of which included her allegedly following him to his Los Angeles home with the intent of slashing his tires and running him over.

However, a rep for Williams reached out to The Shade Room in an attempt to clear her name and clarify that Norman was, in fact, the one who needed to be kept afar. The documents that were sent to the site showed that she filed a police report against Norman earlier this week after repeated stalking offenses in LA, one including him allegedly showing up to Williams’ home unannounced. In the messages, he admitted to cheating on the reality starlet as well as other questionable acts such as stalking her in various instances.

Check them out, below: A post shared by The Shade Room theshaderoom on Dec 19, at 7: Written by John Justice.

Court Orders Former Basketball Wives Star Jennifer Williams To Keep Away From Ex Tim Norman

The lawsuit alleges trademark infringement due to the use of the name at his restaurants. Scroll to the video towards the bottom of this post to hear Tim and his mother discuss the lawsuit. Keep reading for details about why Tim went to prison, his new girlfriend and his real name. Why did Tim from Sweetie Pie’s go to jail? Tim spent 10 years in jail for armed robbery.

Dec 10,  · Tim Norman Is NOT Dating Phaedra Parks. exclusively reports, Phaedra Parks may be in a relationship, but it’s not with reality star Tim fact, the “Welcome to Sweetie Pies” cast member is still dating “Basketball Wives” alum, Jennifer Williams.

Williams went to the station and accused Norman of stalking her, claiming she spotted him driving past her house a few times last week and he was even parked in front of it one day. However, we’re told there’s no investigation into Norman at this time. Ex-“Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams allegedly has it out for her ex-boyfriend, who claims she tried to run him down with her car once.

James “Tim” Norman filed for a restraining order against Jennifer, and in the docs says she’s taken rage out on his car. James says he was driving around Sunday afternoon in L. According to the docs, James parked at home and an hour later went outside to find 2 of his tires slashed. He reported it to cops, and says this was just the latest incident. In the docs, he says last summer — when they were still dating, mind you — Jennifer got behind the wheel of HIS car, and tried to run him down.

James — who’s on the reality show “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” — says he had to dive out of the way or die. He also claims she’s broken into his pad, sent him harassing texts and threatened he’s “playing with the wrong one. The restraining order was granted, and Jennifer has to stay yards away. We’ve reached out to Jennifer’s reps.

Surprise! Jennifer Williams Is Dating Tim Norman

Celebrities Addresses , Becoming , Bernice , Breakup , Burgos , Grandmother , Jennifer , Just , Messy , Order , restraining , Super , Williams Parker Jennifer Williams and Tim Norman are airing out their dirty laundry on social media regarding these alleged restraining orders being filed against one another. See the receipts, plus find out what Bernice Burgos has to say about becoming a young grandmother inside… It was all good a few months ago.

And a judge agreed.

Dec 20,  · James ‘Tim’ Norman has filed a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Williams. After a less than amicable split, the Welcome To .

The two reality stars revealed their relationship in November of last year and it seemed like they were getting along perfectly. How Jennifer And Tim Met: While it may have surprised many people, Jennifer Williams was really in love with Tim Norman. Shortly after her mom passed, Williams met Norman through a mutual friend. Jennifer was reportedly close with her mother and was devastated over her death. Their relationship developed really quickly and Williams felt like he was the one.

She told her friends that she believed that her mother placed Tim in her life. Things seemed to be going so well as Tim introduced Jennifer to his mother, Miss Robbie. When meeting Jennifer, Miss Robbie even commented that things must be serious for her to meet Jennifer. While their relationship was a long distance relationship, it appeared to work as Jennifer said that she had no problem hopping on a plane to see Tim.

Apparently, while Norman was driving around in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon, he allegedly noticed that Jennifer was following.

What Does Miss Robbie Think Of Tim’s Girlfriend, Jennifer Williams? “Sound Like Wendy Williams”

See the receipts, plus find out what Bernice Burgos has to say about becoming a young grandmother inside… It was all good a few months ago. And a judge agreed. TMZ got their hands on the paper work and it details what allegedly went down between the two that caused Tim to fear for his life. Jennifer supposedly tried to run him down with her car and has allegedly been stalking him.

James says he was driving around Sunday afternoon in L. According to the docs, James parked at home and an hour later went outside to find 2 of his tires slashed.

Dec 20,  · 12/20 AM PT –Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Williams went to the station and accused Norman of stalking her, claiming she spotted him driving past her house a .

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Jan 22,  · Tim’s girlfriend, former Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams, becomes his new brand-management company’s first client. For more on #sweetiepies, visit ht.

Michelle The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Phaedra Parks has been moving forward with her life and she seems to be enjoying life at this time. Phaedra is very intelligent, she is no dummy at all but she knew how to keep her involvement, if there was any, to a minimum. Apollo who is is serving an eight-year prison sentence for conspiring to commit mail, wire and bank fraud, recently got engaged in prison to a woman named Sherien Almufti, who revealed her engagement ring made of paper towels on social media.

Allegedly Phaedra has already moved on with a new boo, she has been quietly dating restaurateur Tim Norman for the last two months, of Sweetie Pies. Phaedra loves bad boys obviously, Tim was in prison for 10 years when he was 17 years old and once he was released, he changed his life around. The couple met when Phaedra was in St.

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Tim completed the requirement for an Arizona Superintendent Certificate at the University of Phoenix. Tim was raised in southern Arizona. In he and his wife Linda, moved to southwestern Arizona where he taught and coached at Antelope High School. Linda taught and coached at Granite Mountain Middle School for many years before becoming a Counselor. Tim joined the administrative ranks at Prescott High School in He served as Assistant Principal for Student Services prior to being promoted to Principal, the position he held until his retirement in

Jan 07,  · Tim has a new girlfriend, former Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams. They’ve been seeing each other for a while now, and Tim thinks the relationship is ready for .

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Tim Norman Fires Back at Jennifer Williams Over Her Police Report Receipt

Dating Jennifer and Preston have been dating for nearly two years. Preston is a laid back guy that is used to sticking to a routine, while Jennifer hates planning and enjoys spontaneity. One of the qualities they share is that they are both very strong minded individuals and, as a team, they hope to bring out the best in each other and solidify their relationship. On several occasions they have broken up and made up. Jennifer is ready to plan for her future by either moving forward in her relationship with Preston or ending it and moving forward in her life without him, while Preston has taken the step of moving from Birmingham, Ala.

Jennifer is currently studying nursing during the day and bartending at night.

Dec 08,  · Tim Norman Dating Phaedra Parks (New Couple Alert) Tim Norman has found love yet again, with a new reality star. The Welcome To Sweetie Pies star is dating Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra news comes after it was reported that he was dating former Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams.

You never know when love strikes you. A person may find love or better yet, their soulmate at a young age while some may have to wait a little longer for that sweet miracle to touch them; but eventually, everybody wins. It is just the matter of time! Well, Kristen Welker- the White House correspondent for NBC News knows the feeling of standing patiently on the waiting list as the reporter walked the aisle in her 40s.

Kisten Welker is Married Now! The New York Times Following the wedding, Kisten Welker shared a group selfie from the pre-easter walk with the new in-laws through an Instagram post on April 15,

WTF: Jennifer Williams’ Ex Demands Restraining Order After She Reportedly Tried To Run Him Over

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Oct 14,  · Jennifer has moved on to muy calinete pastures! Jennifer Williams Now Dating Cisco Rosado. Eric Williams who? Former BBW star Jennifer Williams recently gave an update on her private life and says she is now happy dating CMG Entertainment CEO Cisco Rosado. The couple made their debut recently at a NYC event.

Is he suspect to any of yall I cant put my hands on it yet. He was not at the gym working out with that body Why is Jennifer wasting all the beauty? She need to be dating someone royal, foreign and rich! Although Janay did come across as a little overbearing at times, she was about taking care of her business-career oriented and successful.

Her problem was that she thought Tim would marry her especially after the baby arrived and it was clear he wasn’t going to. Personally, she should have never wasted her time with Tim. Date him okay, but considering his past of being incarcerated for approx. Once she gets through with him, he will be running back to Janay. I hope she doesn’t take him back either. She needs a man who is serious about building something with a significant other, and that’s not Tim.

Y’all acting like Jennifer funny looking ass is all that! She overrated as hell with them fake ass color contacts on.